What is the purpose of all of you being together? It is no accident. Do you know how we are all connected to each other? How every atom in this universe is connected to each other too and more so in a conscious human being. It is this connection that develops in groups faster, quicker, that becomes enlivened, quickened by the human impulse. The abstract cannot be comprehended by the mind, but the concrete can, the teacher can, your friend can be comprehended, your beloved can be comprehended, conceived of by the mind.

And through that conception, through that comprehension, one’s awareness grows, and in its growth, the abstract is experienced.

There lies the secret of life: experiencing the divine. And then spontaneously, automatically, you live the divine in any act you perform. I do not want to know what acts you perform. I do not care. It’s not important, but how much of Divinity is poured in that act, that is important and then that cognition and recognition are already there.

………. Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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