Why does the Avatara not start his teachings once he has taken birth? The incarnation, coming from this vastness and embodying himself in this little body, he too has to open himself up. He too has to know who he really is. He also has to take a bath after travelling through all these dust storms of the universe. And then, the moment comes when he knows who he is, and then his mission begins.

That is why Buddha never started teaching until quite a good age; Jesus never started teaching until he was 30. The same thing applies to Krishna, Mahavir and Moses.

This demonstrates the total humanness of even an Avatara. The real Avatara never forgets the fact that he has become human. Within himself, he knows that he is Divine and is established in that knowingness. He is established in Divinity, and yet he would behave like an ordinary human being. And the reason for it is that in order to touch and to open the hearts of other humans, he has to show himself as a human too.

The real Avatara does not require worship. He loves love and devotion and the love and devotion that is accorded to the incarnation, he returns tenfold. As a matter of fact, he inspires that love and devotion in you. You are doing nothing. If you look at it factually, you’re doing nothing. He inspires that. He lights that little spark, and it’s up to us, the people, to let that spark become a big flame so that love and devotion grow. For whose benefit? Not the benefit of the incarnation – he doesn’t need evolving, but the people need evolving.

If he had to give you the flame, the total fire, you will not benefit. He will give you the spark and say, “Right, you tend it and make it burn. Let it consume you; let it burn away the dross, the dirt.” And in doing it yourself, you are purifying yourself, and that is the spiritual path.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1979 – 07

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