When the pupil is ready, the master is there; and the master comes in many forms and shapes. The whole purpose of the external guru is to awaken the internal guru. As a guru, I am only a channel, a means. There will come a time when you do not need the external guru because the internal guru will have been awakened.

The greatest thing that a guru can do is to activate the spiritual force that is already within you. On a very subtle level, he activates that force so that you feel something within you. When you feel that something, you start having faith. Not faith in the teacher, but faith in the teachings and in what he represents. Faith can move mountains.

The presence of the guru is so important because he not only brings with him wisdom, but he also brings a force in a very tangible form. This is what helps us along the path to greater and greater joy.

Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “The Master Reflects.”

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