There is no contradiction at all between “My” will and “Thy will”. The contradiction only lies in the fact on which we put greater emphasis. For if I and my Father are one, how can there ever be a division between “His will” and “My will”. Because I do not exist and neither does He exist, and that is something very revolutionary which I am telling you.

Because if He exists and I exist, then I am forming a separation between Him and me. But when I cease to form the separation between Him and me, then there could be nothing else but existence itself. And when existence exists by itself, there is no such thing as “I and my Father are one.” Because I am the Father, and I am the son because there is no separation.

You regard yourself to be a small little entity, and you regard Him to be a big entity. Why? It is just your mind, your thought processes. Because you do not feel happy and neither satisfied within yourself, you are looking for the big entity to help you make yourself happy. Is that not what you are doing?

When Jesus said, “I and my Father are one,” he realised the oneness; that he is the Father and he is also the son encapsulated in a small little body. That is the son. Yet the body does not matter, and neither does your mind matter. For matter does not mind, and mind does not matter.


When we lose the sense of I am John, Jack, Laura, Mary, when we lose that sense of that small I-ness, then all separation will cease immediately. There is this immediacy that one has to align oneself with because it is not so far away. It is there on the spot. What is not there is the realisation of the fact. That is not there.

How do we get rid of this conceptual being? It can only be got rid of by saying, “I am not,” and if you cannot say “I am not,” then you are knotted up. All the wrinkles are there, and the knot is so tight in the string of life that you find so much trouble untying the knot, and the trouble you go through in untying the knot – that is your suffering and that is your misery.

If this life has no knots, then there is no misery, and when there are no knots in this string of life, then remember that this string is not composed of individuality, because individuality is a knot, but a continuum into eternity, into infinity and then you would say, “I and my Father are one.”


This realisation can only dawn through spiritual practices. When that realisation comes, all sufferings and miseries will disappear from your life because that which you call the Father is devoid of any suffering or misery. It is pure energy, and what are you, tell me, what are you? You are also just energy. What makes you live? What makes your mind function? How can you move your limbs if you are only energy? With realisation, that individualised, so-called individualised, energy merges in universal energy. In other words, you have left individuality and found your real self which is universality.

How do you go to reach that stage? One way is to say, “I am not. Only He is, and I am He.” That means total surrender, total letting go of that little ego self that is boiling, boiling and brewing up within you all the time. No wonder you are all intoxicated. Be intoxicated but be intoxicated in divine love. And Scotch can never achieve that purpose.

Do not ask me for sanity but ask me for insanity. For if I could bring that “in” within sanity, then I am really sane. Otherwise, you are insane. Ninety-nine point nine, nine percent of four thousand million people existing on this little planet are insane. There is only just a fraction that knows true sanity because they instilled the “in” into sanity. And by instilling that “in” into sanity, they find themselves. That is called divine intoxication. The question just disappears. The question disappears because the question of the Father and the son disappears. When the concept of the Father and the son disappears, naturally all questions disappear. They have no value at all.


What is the greatest question in life? Do you know? The greatest question would remain a non-question. For it is only the searching, seeking, scorching mind, that wants to find that inner peace and equilibrium that asks a question. The mind asks a question. But when the mind is totally balanced and merged in that Divinity, then there are no questions left. These questions are so necessary for the process of mind. You have to walk with your feet from here to that road there; otherwise, you will not reach the road. But once you have reached the road the question, or the effort of walking, is not necessary anymore.

The most significant question that has to be, and that is within yourselves all the time, you might not recognise it consciously, but subconsciously it is there, and that question is, “who am I?” Everyone in this world is questing to find the answer, “who am I, what am I?” But the emphasis is wrong, and I would challenge Ramana Maharshi or any of these so-called Maharishis.

Who am I? What “I” are you talking about? The “I” people mostly talk about is that little self; that is why they have to ask the question, “who am I.” Because if you are in a state of realisation of the big I, then that question will never come up. So, you are questioning who you are as your little self. I am Gururaj. Who the devil is he? There is no such thing; there is no Gururaj Ananda Yogi. He does not exist. He is an illusion presented to you to bring you the message of truth, the basis of truth, and all which truth stands for. In his total, Gururaj’s total non-existence, he brings forth the entirety of existence to you.

If I recognise myself as Gururaj or as you, fondly call me Guruji, if I sit here and say to myself, “I am Guruji,” I will be the falsest person on earth, because I am not that. I am not this body; I am not this mind. I am the totality of all existence, as you all are. When you stop discriminating between the Father and the son, then you will know that you are the totality of all existence. Because the Father cannot exist without the son, and the son cannot exist without the Father. Fragrance can never exist without the flower. Heat can never exist without the sun. Night can never exist without the day.


Here we come to the area of total non-duality. It is only the sense of duality that creates problems for you. It is only the sense of duality that creates these frictions within your mind, and later it becomes translated to your active life. It takes two to tango. But how about doing the tango yourself, on your paces. Just be careful of one thing; do not let the tango turn into a mango.

Life is nothing else but joy. If any one of you have any sufferings, whose fault is it? Is it the fault of the Father? The fault is your own because you are not prepared to understand life as it is, and life is nothing else but existence. There are fruits that might taste bitter to some and sweet to others. Take caviar, the first time you taste caviar, you would not like it until you acquire the taste for it.


When problems come up in life, remember that it is your mental conception of problems where no problems ever exist. Life is not problematic. If you regard yourself to be the manifestation of the manifestor, then how can the manifestation of pure consciousness find any suffering?

There is the greatest illusion that you perpetrate upon yourself. I can look out here and find such incredible beauty in that tree over there. You might look out there and find that tree to be ugly. Is it not a matter of perception? Consciousness is forever pure; it is only you that have mucked it up and rubbed dirt on it. Then you see through the dirt out of this clear window of consciousness, and you will find that which is outside the window to be dirty.

The suffering, or the dirt, is within our minds. Since I found myself to be the son and the Father in one, I have never seen any ugliness at all in my life, for everything is beautiful. There is only beauty, beauty, beauty. You, the manifestation, is just a superimposition upon the manifestor, and what else can the manifestor be but just beauty. Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

Satyam, truth; Shivam, God; Sundaram, beauty. It is all one; there is no differentiation.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1985 – 11

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