Without understanding that which is Divine, we could never fully love. In this world, there are four thousand million people, but there are very few that really know love. Many people know love to a certain extent, but not love in totality because total love requires a total integration in man -an integration of mind, body and spirit. And until that condition comes about, no one can love totally. But this is no cause for disappointment. We are on the path. And it is good to be on the path.

This path could be filled with so many obstacles on the achievement of love which is synonymous with the achievement of God. We have the strength within us, through meditational practices and through making effort in our daily lives, to overcome these obstacles, overcome these problems. It is not easy. Vivekananda, for example, has said that the path to God is the hero’s path.

The purpose of the obstacles is for your evolution. The purpose is to clear up, to undo all that you have done. Remember, every suffering that we have is by our own doing. We have been the planters. We have sown, and we must reap. That is the law of karma.


Spiritual practices are aimed to bring greater clarity and expansion to awareness so that the indefinable quality, called love, can flow through. Like the usual analogy, I use of the carburettor in the motor car. The more you open the carburettor, the greater the amount of petrol will flow through.

Similarly, when our awareness expands, greater love will flow through. That love is nothing else than Divinity. It is only our thought processes, our self-centeredness, our attachments that colour the love that is forever flowing through us. It is like a crystal. You put a red flower behind a crystal, and the crystal will seem red. You put a blue flower behind the crystal, and the crystal will seem blue.

So, what we are doing in our spiritual practices is a cleansing process of the mind so that real love can flow through. And by understanding the philosophy behind it, we also understand one thing: that unless I do something about myself, I am blocking the love from flowing through. For love is forever there. Love is not only within, love is also without.


If I love you, what am I loving? I am not loving you as a person; I am loving the Divinity that is within you. So, if love is God, it can only communicate with God, and you are just the exterior frame. So, therefore, love knows no differences. If someone does you wrong and if you have the strength of loving that person just as much, then you have some idea of what love is all about.

Someone might besmirch you. Someone might do anything to you. As Christ would say, “Love thine enemies, even.” It’s easy to love a friend. Learn to love thine enemy. That is the mark of greatness; that is the mark of truth. That is the mark of portraying and living the living God. We don’t want dead gods. We want living gods.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1980 – 02


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