Any person is a universe unto himself. Billions and billions and billions of cells are operating in this little body and operating according to a precise system.

Through wrong action and wrong thinking, we create an imbalance in the workings of our system.

Meditation gradually brings about the balance and harmony in our systems. And when we become harmonious within ourselves, then we become harmonious to the environment. I always say that it is the nature of the flower to be beautiful, but that is not all that it does. It also enhances the beauty of the garden.

The best way to improve society is to improve man individually. Many reformers have come and gone that tried to improve society, but the mistake they made was to improve society collectively. You improve society by improving the individual, for it is the units that make the whole.

That is how we can have a better society.


This is all in conformity with Christianity, with Hinduism, with Buddhism and all the other religions.

What we are doing is discovering, not only in theory but in practice, the basis upon which life is built, and the basis upon which life is built is that which we call Divine, for want of a better word — for there is no word that could describe this force totally, but this force can be experienced.

This force cannot be analysed, for analysis, rationalisation, can only take you to a certain extent and not the full way. The full way is found when we take the leap from the mind to the Heart, and that is where we experience the fullness and the glory of God.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1979 – 27

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