God is not only in you, but God IS you in all His aspects from the grosser physical body to the very subtlest level, which you call the spirit. It is a vast continuum.

We do spiritual practices and meditations to understand the fineness of Divinity that is there; the deeper you go to finer and finer levels, the more you understand your universality. Then you say, “Brahmasmi.” In Sanskrit, that means “I am Brahman”. Or you use the Biblical phrase, “I and my Father are One.” Or you use the Hebrew word, “Yahweh”- I AM THAT I AM. When I am this AM-ness, then there is no You-ness, Me-ness, or My-ness–there is only IS-ness.


This is the goal of each and all of us here, you might not be consciously aware of it now, but there are processes taking place within you that are taking you to the realisation of the unity consciousness, that you and God are one. So, consciously or unconsciously you are proceeding; it is a gravitational or a magnetic force that is pulling you.

The only reason we do spiritual practices is to expedite things, so we suffer less of the miseries of this world.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: “From Darkness to Light”


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