What caused man to be separated from God in the first place is a total misconception fostered by many formal religions.

There has never been any separation between man and God. If we view God as omnipresent, then where is the separation?

God is present within you all the time.

What makes someone feel separate is an undeveloped awareness of his real self.

You find yourself separated because of all the problems, all the anxieties, and all the troubles you suffer. Then you say, is there a God?

If there was a God, the one theologians describe as a kind and compassionate Father, why would he be so unkind to people and make them suffer?

People do not seem to realize that Divinity is a neutral energy, an all pervading, all permeating neutral energy, and it is you, yourself, who brings suffering upon yourself. The suffering comes about as a result of the various mental conflicts that you, yourself, have created, so Divinity is not to be blamed.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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