Man always thinks of his future, which is very natural, but thinking about the future and worrying about the future are two different things.  In the present moment, we have to live in the present.

If the actions of the present moment are performed correctly, then the results would be there.

We have a general idea of the aim and goal of life –  be it spiritual or be it material.  But, the better way for it would be that that material part or goal, can so well be combined with the spiritual goal.

If you go to a theatre to see a play, you will find two spotlights, one on either side of the hall. If these two spotlights are shown separately onto the stage, they do not have the intensity of light as when the two spotlights are combined.  When they shine upon each other, then the light is bright.  Life can be lived that way.

One does not say discard all relativity, but we say have materiality but infuse it with spirituality, and the materiality becomes richer- the light is brighter.

We have our aims in life.  We set a goal for ourselves. And, if one can set the goal in such a way where the relative value of life and the absolute value of life can combine itself, then that goal is worth achieving.

Like that in every way, we have to live our lives in such a manner that we do not worry about the results. We act for the sake of acting.  We live for the sake of living.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1977-04

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