God never controls man’s mind because what you regard as God is a neutral bio-chemic energy. It could be definable in scientific terms, but at its subtlest level, it is indefinable. So, God never controls man’s mind. You own God by your perceptions of what you regard to be God.

In some religions, you will find someone saying God has six arms, holding a lotus there and a bell there and something else on the other hand, and what have you. Other religions picture him differently. So, by your conception, you are conceptualising God according to your belief pattern. You are controlling your conceptions and conceptualisations. God is not.

Whatever belief pattern your mind is fettered into, that belief pattern would be your reality. How accurate is your reality? You would believe Vishnu with six arms. You might think someone is hanging on the cross. You might think someone sits on a throne with a long beard and a dozen bookkeepers. “Ahh, Laura, you did this today. Doris, you did that today.” And then St. Peter, of course, up there would be admitting you at the gates.

Your mind is working and functioning as a computer all the time. Your total metabolic rate, breathing rate, and everything happening to you is computerised by a mechanism. So, do you belong to yourself, or do you belong to the computer? The difference lies in the differentiation between what you are and what you are not, and when you discover what you are not, you find yourself knotted up, and these knots that you are involved in cause all the problems of your life. So, in this process of meditation and spiritual practices, we are only trying to unknot the knots. Have no knot and be not. When you believe yourself to be, you are not because your mind’s belief system is causing the knots! So, where are you when you are not there without the knots – K N O T S? You are somewhere far beyond your belief system.


The more you believe in your belief system, the more knotted you are up because your belief system becomes dogmatic. Your belief system governs your life, and why should your life be governed? Everything around you, your entire environment, is governed, and you cease to exist. You have to pay these taxes. You have to pay the road bills. You have to pay for car licenses. You have to pay this, this, this and whatever. What independence do you have? No independence. You are dependent upon convention.

Living in this world, we have to follow these conventions for the stability of society. But try something else. Be unconventional within yourself. To be unconventional within yourself, you are obeying the laws within yourself, the law which is you and yet not governed by you. That gives you a sense of independence. That gives you freedom. Freedom is a word very much allied to the kingdom. The king is free, and he has a kingdom. You are the king, and you have freedom from specific processes of dogmatism. You are free from it. When you are free from all these dogmas, you will find that you live, not just exist.

When you start living, you will automatically and very spontaneously develop a feeling of life. Life is to be felt. When you feel like it, you will feel that dynamism. You become dynamic, and you can say, “I am Joe. I am Jack. I am Jean. I am Gina. I am this one and that. I am me! I am independent, and no power or force in this world will rob me of my independence!” Your fear of losing dependence is the only thing that robs you of your independence. You fear losing dependence because you are always reliant on others and those that are around you. You depend upon your wife, husband, children, friends, and whoever. And that very fear is a thing that gnaws at your Heart. Fear is nothing else but that cancerous complex within you that bites you, that kills you from the inside – fear that is killing you. That is destroying your independence. Yet, when you could develop the attitude that I am free – I am free – I am me. I am Gina. I am Laura. I am Jack, John, Dad. When you develop that feeling, you will be free of fear.


So, what is ruling your life at this moment? Not freedom, but fear. Every moment you step forward, you are fearing and fearing and fearing. “Oh, this will go wrong tomorrow. That will go wrong the next day. I come home, and my wife will have a nasty face because, you know, she burnt my toast in the morning, and I felt a bit angry, and I guess I will have to face up to that.” All kinds of things. Simple things. Simple things which contain no meaning at all! Your fear is meaningless because it could be discarded and dispensed quickly. I love Gina. I love Jerry. I love Doris. I love this sweetie pie here. OK. But within me, there will be a fear. Does Gina love me, or am I wasting my time? Or Jerry? Sweetie pie? Doris? Laura? So, mixed in that love that I have for them is the quality of fear, which breeds anxiety because fear and anxiety are blood relations. But if I should say to myself, I love Gina. I love Jerry. I know these beauty bums. I love Doris. I love her there and all of you. OK. I will say to myself that whether I am loved or not loved, I do not care, for I love for the sake of loving and not for the reward thereof. And when I have that thought in my mind, in my Heart, when I feel that, fear disappears. Because I am loving for the sake of loving, I am not loving for the sake of reward. I am not doing business with you, Dad. There is no business. I am too busy in my love for you to involve myself in busyness! I am too busy giving love without expecting any reward whatsoever. That is loving, and when you know the secret of that loving, you are living and not just merely existing.


You do not go through life. Life goes through you!” Do you see the difference in allowing life to go through you instead of you going through life? When you go through life, it is effortful. There is so much effort. But you are a channel if you allow life to go through you. No effort is required! There is no effort. Let life and the force of life flow through you, and you become the flow of that which is life and that which is living and not just existing. I am telling you of the secret of joy and the secret of happiness that everyone is so entitled to. It is your birthright because if you did not have that birthright, you would never have the right to give birth.

So, let us get back to our original Selves. Let us get back to control that which you have now felt uncontrollable and that which is controlling you. Your conception of something beyond yourself, which you do not understand and have not known at all, is controlling you. You say that something XY is controlling me. No. I do not allow XY to control me. I allow Gururaj to control me because Guruji knows himself, and by knowing himself in his totality, he knows the totality of the universe. He knows what the universe is composed of, and he does not believe in a controller that controls his life. But he knows the forces that are there to regulate his life. Look how all those atoms and molecules, protons and electrons, function in an exact way. Why should I not also be forbidden and conjoined and, at the same time, enjoy the precision of the entirety of the universe? When I am connected through meditation and spiritual practices to find myself at one moment, atonement, at one moment with the precision of the universe, then I too can become precise and coordinate myself with that which has always been coordinated.


You or I will suffer because you do not see the coordination. You only know the disorientation. Can anyone tell me that they are sane? Because if you can truthfully tell me, I will fall at your feet. I will kiss your feet. What shall we do with this disorientation? Disorientation is insanity. Insanity can never be sanitation. Let me help you, if I may, to help you pull the chain. We have to start somewhere, and where do we start from? We start from here and now.

Can you tell me at one o’clock last Saturday what did you do? Neither of you can say to me that. Do you see how good your memory is? Thank God because the most incredible gift bestowed upon man is the ability to forget. We bring ourselves in misery by trying so hard to remember. When we try to remember, so much effort is required to remember what Auntie Mary said at five past one last Saturday. Look at the effort involved. Look at the waste of energy.


God does not control you; you control God, and by God, I mean this universal energy. It is all labels: Allah, Ishwara, Christos, Buddha, whatever label you want to put on. It is a neutral energy, and you have it within yourselves to direct that neutral energy to your own personal, unselfish advantage to make yourself happy.

Is that not what you want? What is the end and aim of your life? Do you not want to become happier? Do you not want to get all the is-series and the miseries? Whatever that troubles you. The is-eries. Masterminded by the “M”, making it misery. Is-very is to be oneself. But when you get masterminded by your MasterCard, or whatever you call it here, you get controlled by that master card. “M”! You add that M to the is-ness or the is-ery of yourself and convert it to misery. What do we need that for? We do not. I am–to

Those who have been with me for so many years, eight years, nine years, ten years, whatever, have found me to be a reflection of total joy, which is the joy I impart to you. Life, Love and Laughter – that is what you need. Take heed! Take heed of your actual need.


So, the message is this: Do not try to need. Accept what is there for you. Accept life as it is because you have deserved that is-ness that is there. No one has created it for you. No God has controlled it. You have made your wants, needs, sufferings, miseries, joys, and sorrows. You have created all this by the things that have been impressed in the subconscious level of the mind through your thoughts and actions. The subconscious level of the mind has to express itself through the conscious thinking level of the mind, the left hemisphere. And that, in turn, converts itself into your daily actions.

How much are you aware of your actions? Can anybody truthfully and honestly tell me when they got out of bed this morning, which foot got on the floor first, the left or the right? Or did you fall on your bums? That is as far as your awareness goes. So, how much aware are you? Your birthright is awareness, not weariness. You are wearing yourself down instead of becoming aware.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1984 – 47