There is no difference between home life, business life or spiritual life. They are but aspects of the same thing. Even in your business, you can be very efficient in your work or business and yet be totally non-attached to it.


What do we mean by non-attachment? There is attachment, which you know of, then you have detachment which means more a form of escape. While trudging around for many years searching for truth, I have met many Yogis and Saddhus in the Himalayas. I have found Yogis away from the world and living in caves, but they were not non-attached. They found detachment as a form of escapism. When they could not be efficient in their lives, they ran away.

That is detaching yourself from the world. But non-attachment means to be in the world and yet not of the world.

Non-attachment is where you are fully involved. If your business does a million pounds turnover, why not make it two million? I have always said that if you live in a ten roomed mansion, why not a twenty roomed? But do not be attached to it, and that is non-attachment because the very basis of attachment brings you unhappiness and misery.

Non-attachment is where you enjoy life because it is joy itself, but you are not attached. For example, if I get served with a dry piece of bread or a king’s feast, I will choose the better, that is for sure, but if I have the dried piece of bread, I will not hanker for the king’s feast. That is non-attachment.


As the Americans would say, you can be a householder, a homemaker, and still be very, very spiritual. Likewise, with the same principle, you can be in business and make your business spiritual. You regard this as a piece of cloth and wood and things like this. I regard this as God because the same atoms, the same molecules in here, are in me. We are made of the same substance. This chair might not have the consciousness that I have, but it is only a degree difference. It is not a difference of kind. Everything is based upon this atomic or sub-sub-sub-atomic matter. Matter and energy are but two sides of the same coin.

If we learn to understand that and have that attitude, then everything around us would seem Divine, and when everything seems Divine, it is spiritual. It is of the Spirit. The Spirit is very, very, fine, not perceptible by our five senses, but it is experienceable, while other things, like this table and this chair, this jug, are also made of the same substance. Everything is vibration, and because those vibrations being congealed, they become perceptible to our five senses.


Spirituality, materiality and all these things are but one. It all depends on how we look at it. That is why I go round the world lecturing to give people a proper understanding of things apart from the practices that will help them understand better because practices bring about a greater awareness within you. That is the path to joy and happiness in life.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang UK 1983 – 23

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