Consciousness is one’s spiritual Self that is pure consciousness that requires no support whatsoever from anything exterior to itself. That pure consciousness is a faculty, if you would like to use that word, that experiences itself, by itself, for itself. In other words, pure consciousness is.

We have the conscious mind, we have the subconscious mind, and then we have the superconscious mind.

In the waking state of life, the consciousness that we experience is the consciousness, or the glimmer of consciousness, or the reflection of the consciousness that is put through the filter of our waking mind. The quality of the consciousness that filters through our waking mind depends upon the quality of our waking consciousness.


So, the consciousness that we are aware of is a filtered consciousness, and not necessarily the pure consciousness.

That superconscious mind is pure consciousness. The more tranquil the middle mind, or the subconscious mind is, then the superconscious mind has a direct line, a hotline, to the conscious mind whereby consciously we could experience more and more joy, more and more happiness because the nature of the superconscious mind is joy and bliss and happiness. It is because of that nature, because of the inherent joy and bliss that is there, that we are forever pushed onward.

Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1977 – 20

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