When you become the observer, everything will have a different meaning. By becoming an observer, you become non-attached to all the happenings around you and the lower layers of your mind. You become non-attached because that Spiritual Force is permeating the lower, grosser levels of the mind. Then you do not need to love. You are loved. There is no need, for need is a conditioning. It is not freedom. You are just love. You have just surrendered. That is how man is awakened. That is how man is unfolded to his higher self. He just cannot help loving. He just cannot help being charitable. He just cannot help crying through your eyes when there are tears. He just cannot help smiling when a smile is on your lips. He just cannot help feeling the pain when there is pain in you.

To meet such a man, your life would have been lived well. For example, it is a privilege for me to have met my guru. Perhaps the many lifetimes I have gone through were a preparation leading me until the ripe moment came and I met my guru.


When you talk of a guru and chela relationship, then, as I always say, it is a love affair. An unpatterned, unconditioned, undemanding and non-possessive love affair, just an all-giving of the entirety of oneself, not to the personage but to that which he represents. For whom are we to recognize the spiritual level of anyone? We cannot. And the greater the spiritual personage he is, the more humble and ordinary he becomes because of his contact with ordinary people. He lives a life of duality and yet of unity, a life of individuality and yet of universality. To use the words of Shakespeare in “Julius Caesar,” the elements were so mixed in him that the world could stand up and say, “He was a man.” Yes. Do not become gods. Become human, and that is what I mean by being a man. By reaching the highest limits or the pinnacle of how far a man can achieve. When you have captured the entirety of the Superconscious Mind, you become one with the personalized God. You find the ability at will to take on birth again, or you do not want to take on birth, and you merge away into the Impersonal God, which is the Absolute.


When they tell you that you transcend the relative and merge into the Absolute, they are talking bullshit. Promises, promises, promises. That is what they all do. All our churches: the Hindus, the Moslems, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Jews. The whole lot of them. What are they giving you? Truth? No. Experience? No. But promises, so well-fashioned. They are so made plausible. Because we do not understand it, that is why it seems plausible.

Do you see, my beloveds? It is a difficult path, and yet so easy. Illumination is around the corner, for you are already illuminated. It is just to turn around the corner and find it standing there waiting for you, wanting to embrace you. It welcomes you, and you can call Grace. No one gives you Grace. You talk of the Grace of God. There is no such thing. I am giving you a lot of revolutionary ideas here. Grace is forever there, for that which you call God is Grace. He does not give it to you. God is Grace. God is love. God is compassion. God is kind. God is everything you can think of. It is all there. Right there. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. All there. Everywhere.


Some of you may feel yourself so individual and apart from the guru. No. No. There are no parts in totality. It is not parts that make things total. Parts do not make the total in spiritual life. In spiritual life, there is only the total, but the human mind cuts it up into parts, which is fragmentation. Reaching the totality again and unfolding oneself to the totality is to get rid of fragmentation and find integration. Integration means realizing this is one vast continuum without any dividing lines. Man’s mind creates these boundaries where boundaries do not exist. Patterns upon patterns upon patterns. Layers upon layers upon layers. Those are the boundaries.

When the final realization comes that there are no boundaries, you go beyond all patterns; when you go beyond all patterns, you are free. You feel that freedom, you experience that freedom within yourself, and you are free to do whatever you want to do because then you become a law unto yourself, and that law which you become unto yourself is the Law of Divinity. Then you become like a poem. Though set in its metric system, it has total freedom of expression. You find freedom in bondage and bondage in freedom because you are embodied, not only physically, but you are embodied also in a subtle body. That subtle body you could call the mental body that is the furthest man can reach. To reach the highest level of himself, which is the Superconscious Mind, where you have embraced the entire universe since its inception or instead since beginless time, and when you reach the realms of beginless time, at the same time, you also get endless time.


There is no time. Time is connected to space. Space cannot exist without time, and time could not exist without space. These are conditionings. You measure six thousand miles from here to England, which will take eight hours of flying time. If there were no space of six thousand miles, there would not be eight hours; if there were no eight hours, there would not be six thousand miles. But you have to live it. Charles and Linda had to fly six thousand miles in those eight hours to be here because we are embodied. We have not reached the stage where that communication could take place beyond the realms of time.

Some have seen it and achieved it where that total closeness is felt despite being thousands of miles apart. So, one can live a life of individuality yet be encompassed by universality, and by doing that, you become the living God, the living personalized God that is in the individual self. You embrace the law of opposites, pain and pleasure, sun and rain, et cetera, et cetera. And yet, becoming the observer, you are so universal. So universal. We look at the clouds outside, and you say, “Oh, what dark clouds.” But with a universal mind, you do not see the clouds; yet, while seeing it physically, you see it as a condensation of vapour, invisible vapour now condensed into black clouds. But being so patterned, we only see the dark clouds and not the vapour that constitutes the clouds, and that is why we do not see the Divinity within us but only the outer grosser form of mind and body in its conditioned state. There lies the difference: to remove conditionings.

Where conditionings cannot be removed, become the observer of the conditionings, and the conditionings just fade away, for you are observing the conditionings with the superconscious level of yourself. And when you observe, you are sending forth from that level, you are directing the observation. An observation cannot exist independently without being empowered by the force which makes it the observer. So observation from that level and divine energy have to flow forth together. The water flows in the river, and what do you have? The water and the flow. You cannot separate it. When you become the observer, you also send the energies from that level, permeating your entire self and knowing that you will see the truth. Not by intellectualization, for that too is conditioned rationalization; it just does not work. That is good for philosophers and lets them philosophize. But by burning up all the books and reaching inside, there lies the Kingdom of Heaven. There lies the abode of eternal peace and bliss, which the superconscious level of your mind can experience.


Experience can only go to that level, for the Absolute is beyond all attributes. It cannot be experienced. It is just a subtle energy—like I always say, unseen electricity. Up until now, no one has yet been able to define electricity. But what has been discovered is how to channel it into a stove for heat or a refrigerator for coldness. So, do not try to understand the Absolute. While you are embodied, you can experience the Absolute at the superconscious layer of yourself and experiencing it there, it all comes back and fills up this vast continuum. That is eternity, immortality, and bliss; that is joy, the purpose of life. Nothing more. That is the basis of the guru chela relationship, where surrender is spontaneous, not contrived; bhakti is spontaneous, not contrived; devotion, the same applies, and it culminates in a four-letter word: love.

Do we love, or do we think we love? If we think we love, we are not loving. We project a specific pattern from our mind, conditioned through various experiences we might have had in this life or perhaps other lifetimes.

By recognizing and activating the superconscious level by diving so simply deep within yourselves with our guided, personally prescribed spiritual practices, you are led directly to the core of yourself. This way, your life can be much smoother, happier, and more frictionless. Yet, the friction, unhappiness, and all that will exist, but you will know how to learn to live with it. You will know how to accept it as a process in the path to reach totality, and when you observe something, the pain is gone.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1982 – 11