People always want to know. Even if the mind does not ask it, there is an inward urge that shouts out all the time asking one question only – and that question is: “Who am I?”

The main question inherent in all human beings is: Who am I? This question can go through many superimpositions, and our search begins by inquiring into various facets of life such as the sciences and the arts. To discover the answer to the question, “Who am I?” we start searching outside ourselves. The modern scientist, however, is no better than the primitive man – the only difference is that the inquiring is done in a more sophisticated way.


Primitive people, searching outside themselves, created the river gods, mountain gods, cloud gods, rain gods, and so forth, so that they could answer questions for them. Primitive people’s minds became involved in various superstitions. Modern scientists’ minds get involved in various dreams. The difference between superstition and dreams is very fine. Superstition is just a projection – a dream is also a projection. The difference is that the superstitious primitive person believed in what they thought, while the dream of the scientist is devoid of belief until the dream is verified.

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi:  The Master Reflects

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