As we usually say, we feel sad when a person is away or on the other side. Why? We do not feel sad because that person has passed away. That is only the surface reason. We feel miserable because of our attachment to that person, our dependency or emotional need, or our so-called assumed love that makes us sad.

In India, there is a sect where when a child is born, they all cry, and when a person passes away, they celebrate. They call when a child is delivered because they think that this poor child has come into all this misery. And when a person passes away to the other side, it is their philosophy that he has gone to green pastures, and they celebrate. This philosophy is not entirely true, but there is something good about it: it lacks that attachment.

So, if anyone passes away, there is no need for sorrow, none whatsoever, if we understand that that sorrow is from me. It comes from within me because of my selfishness, my attachment.


I know a woman whose little dog passed away, and she was so attached to this dog. I love animals. But this lady was so attached to this little dog that when the little dog passed away, she suffered so much that she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. So, one of her friends brought her to me at our centre in Cape Town, and I gave her these explanations: physically, your dog has passed away, and you are so hurt now because of your attachment. Of course, I went into great detail. But the Spirit within the dog is forever immortal, and if you have a genuine love for that dog, you will come across that dog again because there is no more excellent bond than love.

I have seen within our movement, our organization, where people from opposite sides of the world meet and get married and be happy, and a couple of days ago, they did not know that each other existed. I could show you so many instances, and in those instances when I met these people, I felt that although it was not a total love yet, this love that these people had still got far to go, there has been a deep bond in a previous existence. That is why they got together so strongly in this existence. So, I told this lady, ” You will meet this dog again, and if not in this life, perhaps in the next life. But you will meet this dog again in some form or other because the Spirit within the dog is the same Spirit within you. And your love is so powerful for the dog you will meet.” And she felt nice; she felt better. And within a week, she felt normal, and she had recovered. And this is very true.

Why do some theologies say you will meet your mother and father, friends, brothers and sisters, and sweethearts on the other side? What does it mean? There is no actual meeting in that particular form or shape. By the time you leave this earth, that person, the object of your love, might have incarnated again already. But it means that if you have that deep, true bond of love with your mother, father, brother, sister, etc., you will meet that very soul in an incarnate form again. That is what it means. That Spirit is not waiting up there for you; that “when is my daughter coming?” It is a fallacy when they say I will meet you on the other side. But it is true if you say I will meet you on the other side again in an incarnate form. Both of us will be reincarnated, and circumstances will be such that we will meet each other again.


The individual Spirit, the individual soul – in Sanskrit is called “Jivatman”- will forever remain individual. The Jivatman is a composition of your subtle body empowered with your Spiritual Self.

The Spiritual Self is always the pivotal point, and around the inner Self, the Spiritual Self is firstly the subtle body and covering the subtle body is the grosser body you shed. So, at the time of death, the gross body is shed, but the subtle body carries on, and that subtle body does not meet your sweetheart on the other side. It is impossible. If possible, it would be a total contradiction of terms because the subtle body cannot recognize them. You need the organisms of the brain, this little three-and-a-half-pound thing up here. You need eyes. You need ears. You need the various qualities of the physical body to achieve recognition.

So, if a loved one departs and you have truly loved, that connection will always remain. For real love is the Spirit within. Real love is that God within, the Spirit within, and that is forever immortal. It is permanently connected. And when the mind is powerful enough in its thought processes and can cognize in its expanded awareness of the Spirit within, then that bond created will rejoin.


So, there is nothing to fear. There is nothing to lose. There is nothing to be disappointed about. There is nothing to mope over. And there is no need for unhappiness in love, for the more significant the awareness man develops, the more could he conceive of love. Dante said, “The greater the man, the greater his love.” So why be unhappy? Why be bloody fools? What for?

Be joyous! Life is a celebration. Everything around you is celebrating. Look outside. These trees are growing. The grass is growing. These flowers are blooming. What are they doing? They are celebrating the glory of Divinity! They are spontaneously celebrating the glory of Divinity. So, if we put the mind box aside through our meditational and spiritual practices, we will also celebrate every moment of life. Every moment is a celebration. Every moment is creative, for every moment is not the moment of your mind or your body. The moment is of Divinity, and the entirety of Divinity exists at that moment! Do you see how simple it is?

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1980 – 02