Many times, people come to me with all kinds of problems and say, “I am not loved, no one loves me.” But this is not true as if you become loveable, and you´ll see how people will love you. That is the secret!

Someone once told me that she was an emotional, mental and spiritual cripple. I say, Nonsense! Rot- you are not! You think you are, and so why think in that way?

You are a gift unto yourself, a gift that presents yourself as life force, and that could never be crippled as it flows on and on and on all the time and can never be lost.


It is what you emanate – it is your action, your emanation, which brings about the corresponding reaction. The reactions are made by your own actions.

If your heart is filled with love, love is returned to you tenfold – and that is an indisputable law.

You give one, and you receive ten back in return, always!

……… Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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