Denial of the oneness with God does not detract you from the path to that oneness. Man has to proceed according to his understanding. One has to proceed from that dualness and pray to thy Father in Heaven. Later you start realising that you are the branches of the tree of Divinity, and the branch is so connected to God. After you realise that you are He: I and my Father are one.

The denial is important. To deny that God is beyond me; that is the real denial. God is beyond me, and I am just a human being, a little personality that I think I am. But the idea in progress on the spiritual path is not to think I am what I think I am but to think what I am. This causes conflict. Because here, on the one hand, I am Jean, Jack and Joe; on the other hand, I am praying or looking for that Jean, Jack and Joe that is so far above. A small fish will think in his consciousness that his Divinity or superior is a big fish. A small elephant will think, “Ah, my God is a big elephant.” A little insect will believe that my God is a big insect. Is that not exactly what we are doing when you say you are born in the image of God?

According to scriptural injunctions, you are the image of God. You are not, and this might sound very revolutionary to you: you are not the image of God because image implies imagination. So, you are imagining that you are an image of God. This has been brought about by the perpetrators, by the false prophets that try to draw you into a society of togetherness and without making you know, they make you believe that you are the image of God. So, they are preying, not p-r-a-y, but p-r-e-y. They are preying upon your imagination and misleading humanity and telling them that you are the image of God. You are not the image of God because the image, as I just said, is imagining. So, they are trying to make you guess. I want you to know that you are God. I want you to know that you are Divine and are not connected to the mind that makes images, and that makes you imagine various kinds of images.


There is no God. There is a Divine energy which permeates every cell of your body, and because of that permeation, you are God. But because you cannot cognise or recognise it, you feel you are so insignificant and low. You think you are a sinner; you feel you are this, you are that you think you are nothing, and yet when you come to the final realisation, you will know you are everything. And when you know that you are everything, all the sufferings and all the miseries will disappear from your life. I do not imagine that I am Divinity; I experience that I am Divinity. That is the goal, and there are paths to it; there are ways to it according to your temperament.

But do not take that as a finality, for you are ever-growing, growing, growing, like these beautiful flowers from the bud, expanding, expanding, expanding, until you reach the totality until you reach the essence of what you are. At that moment, illumination comes that I am Divine, which does not mean image-making, but illumination is the realisation that I am Divine. And when that complete realisation comes that you are Divine, all your miseries and sufferings disappear like that; in a flash of a second, they go. For Divinity knows not of imaginings, knows not of afflictions, knows not of sufferings. And when you are there, it is not imagining because imagining is of the mind. You live it.


I will talk to you about my personal experiences because I have gone through this. I know what I am! This is a sharing, as I have said before. Why should you not also share that and see that I am Divine and there is no opposition to Divinity? Divinity is unity with the entirety of this universe and even beyond. So, you become the observer of the universe, yet you are still the universe.

I am a man walking on Earth with all my frailties. I love to have my cigarette; I love my nightcap, Scotch and soda. Why not? What has that to do with my Spirit? I have realised my Spirit and know that I am He, that my Father and I are one, so let the body behave as it wants. I am the observer of the functioning of this body, which is part and parcel of the universe, and this universe cannot function without contractions, expansions, and conflicts. It goes on all the time.

But amongst all that, I am still. I know I am eternal. I know I am immortal. I know. What do I know? I know knowingness. What is God? What is He? He is knowingness, a spontaneous knowingness that you are Divinity itself. And standing from that angle, which I want to take you to, to that hill, and observe the functioning of the body, mind, and all that happens around you, and you are not affected at all because you are the observer.

The observer is unaffected, which is the stance, the birthright of every human being.


Study the word ignorance carefully. Ignorance means that you are ignoring that which you are. Take heart, my beloveds, dear heart, take heart. Live, live, live, live, live. Do not be the living dead. The living dead is nescience and ignorance. You are alive. Every act you perform is good as long as it does not harm others or yourself. And everything is good.

Why feel sorrowful? Why delve into misery? Can you give me one good, solid reason why? Yes, you could tell me about your imaginings. You could say that the world mistreats you: my girl jilted me, my boyfriend dumped me, and I lost a million dollars in my business. So what? What have I lost, and what have I gained?

Language is so inadequate for what I am trying to tell you, but I am doing my best to express it in words. The only gain a man could have, if you want to use the phrase gain, is knowing yourself: “Man knows thyself.” You are not born on Earth to be miserable. You are born on Earth to learn. Okay, we accept that. But you are learning; why make learning a misery? Why not have the frame of mind to say that this learning is joyful, and I need that? As I have said somewhere before, if you have a boil on your foot or your leg, it requires lancing. There is a pain where that needle has been pricked in. But does it not relieve the boil and take the pain away? So, you are lancing the boils you have created in yourselves; no one else is responsible for the ones you have made on your body. So, you have to lance them and let the puss, the dirt, the rubbish flow out.


Nothing else can be if this is not a message of joy and hope. I want you to recognise yourself to be Divine. I want you to become observers of your life. Whatever comes, whatever goes, has nothing to do with your real Self. The rest is just turbulent waves on the surface of the calm ocean, and you are the calm ocean if these attitudes could be gained. And that is where all these psychologists and psychiatrists fail. They go by the rule of the book, and what do readers tell you? If you do not have personal experience within yourself, if you are not calm within yourself and have not got stability within yourself, how can you impart stability?

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1983 – 07