How can you differentiate between beauty and God, and how can you draw a line between God and truth? So I am that beauty, and if I am that beauty, I am that God. And if I am the God, I am that truth. That is the totality of self-realisation. You, as you are sitting here, are already self-realised. You are perfect beings. You are total perfection, but the veils you have drawn across your eyes do not allow you to see how perfect you are. And because you cannot see the perfection within yourselves, everything else you view outside you will seem imperfect too.

By our spiritual practices, we find ourselves first. Man know thyself, and when you know yourself, you will at the same time, also know that you are perfect. For nothing in creation could be imperfect. Otherwise, it would not be creation or manifestation if there was a single iota of imperfection there. So do not lose heart, my beloveds. But know, and know this hopefully well, that you and the Father are one. There is no contradiction. Man’s mind only created a contradiction.


Man’s mind, meaning the interpreters of what truth is. Because their minds are imperfect, they interpreted truth imperfectly. They try their best, so much, so hard they try, do they not. All theologies try very hard to make you feel that you are imperfect so they could have a grip on you. But know this well that you are perfect. You do not need any theology. You do not need any belief system. You do need any dogmas. You do not need any creeds when you can honestly say that I and He are one. Brahmasmi. I am Brahma. Tat twam asi. Thou art That, as well as I.

When these distinctions cease, you will live on this earth but in a different dimension. You will live in the dimension that I live in. For I have gone beyond all discrimination, there is nothing ugly at all. Everything is just beauty, beauty, beauty. You slap my face now, and my immediate reaction would be, “Ah, how beautiful that you have touched me.” Why slap my cheek only? Slap my heart as well, and by you slapping my heart, remember I will impart those feelings of my heart to thee.

What would be the unevolved mind’s normal reaction to this? Oh, that bloody “B” slapped me, and you get filled with anger, and when you are filled with anger, you are losing the joy which is inherent in thee. From where does that anger come? Is it not only your creation? Is it not the patterning of your mind that creates anger? Or hatred or lust or greed or whatever? Is it not just those patternings?


We try to do and must do, to unpattern the patternings until the slate of life is clean. All those squiggles are gone. In that slate that is clean or the mirror that is not dirty, we can truly see ourselves.

How many times do you look in the mirror and see yourself? You do not. You see your face, and then you use all that lipstick. Then you pull your eyes and put some eyeshadow over there, and then you take false hair, and you know from where that false hair comes? And you glue it onto your eyes to make your eyelashes longer. Look at my eyelashes, totally natural, normal, and long. When I tell you people “open your eyes slowly,” I cannot do it because my eyelashes are too long. I have got to give it a bit of a jerk. You see, life is nothing else but a joke. Then you put on this rouge, and then my beloved puts on her lipstick and then I cannot kiss her. Because then she will have to do it all over again. Life is a joke.

Treat life as a joke, for it is the divine play. Regard it to be a play, do not take life so seriously for God’s sake. In any case, you cannot get out of life alive.


Enjoy the joy which life is, and this is the knowledge I impart to you. That there will be ups and downs, so what. What does it matter? Let me enjoy the downs just as much as I enjoy the ups. Because you have got to go down to go up, it happens in every situation, even in lovemaking.

I am trying to point out the frivolity, the stupidity, and not seeing life in its true perspective. No one needs to be unhappy because your true nature is total bliss and not misery. Know for sure, that the misery you feel now and then is superimposed upon the bliss you are. Take away the misery, and live in that Is-ness, which is devoid of misery.

As I said, life is nothing else but a joke. But even jokes have to be understood because you could never laugh if you cannot understand the joke. Now is that not deep truth or deep wisdom?

Develop this understanding. Therefore, I travel around the world, giving these courses so that people could understand and look at life from a different perspective, to rid themselves of misery and their suffering. Then I give the tools that you can work with, your spiritual practices that will help you gain a greater understanding of yourself. Of course, you need regularity, and that is no joke.

You need regularity in your spiritual practices because that makes you draw from deep within yourself that energy that is so powerful, so forceful, that will lessen the burdens of your life. And at the same time, you get the understanding of life from me through our talks and lectures. That is what we need.

… Gururaj Ananda Yogi: Satsang US 1985 – 11

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